GLORYBEE: Honey-White Clover Raw, 48 oz


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Pristine snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains tower like sentinels over the sprawling tawny plains below dotted with shrubby vegetation that transition into arid buttes and badlands to the northeast and beyond. Puffy white clouds drift lazily across the famed big, blue skies high above the rolling meadows adorned with native wildflowers and sweet white clovers. Remote, wild and vast, these wide-open spaces and diverse terrain are what truly distinguish the state of Montana.

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Small white clover blossoms comprised of globes of dainty narrow petal spikes, often tinged pink or cream, spring up like cheerful little pompons amid lush green mats of lobed leaflets. Aside from its charming appearance and light pleasant scent, the wonderful value of this flower is that it can grow well in poor soils and provides an abundant supply of nectar with its extended bloom period making it a reliable floral source. Honey bees eagerly harvest nectar from these delightful blossoms which are used to produce GloryBee’s Raw Montana White Clover Blossom Honey.

SKU KHRM00262205
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