KASHI: Chewy Granola Bars Chocolate Peanut Butter, 7.4 oz


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Crunchy, roasted peanuts
Creamy peanut butter
Sea salt
13g Whole Grains per serving
3g Fiber* per serving
4g Protein per serving
Non-GMO Project Verified

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Chewy. Simple. Tasty.
Crunchy peanuts plus creamy peanut butter make this bar the perfect snack for peanut and peanut butter lovers. We love chewy, simple, tasty bars. So we simplified all of our chewy bars by cutting the ingredient list nearly in half to make our classics even better. Now, this bar’s star flavors like crunchy, roasted peanuts shine brighter than ever, which means it’s got lots of nutty goodness to nourish your body.

SKU KHFM00311608
UPC 018627108399

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Weight7.4 oz


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