KYOLIC: Kyo-dophilus Probiotic Plus Cranberry Extract, 60 Count


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Kyo-Dophilus® plus Cranberry Extract is the only product that offers the unique combination of Cran-Max® cranberry extract and three strains of Kyo-Dophilus® probiotics. These proprietary ingredients have been clinically studied and found to be beneficial for the urinary tract, intestinal function, and many other aspects of health.
Taken regularly, Kyo-Dophilus® plus Cranberry Extract can help maintain a healthy bladder as well as support overall intestinal function and immune health.
Guaranteed stable at the time of consumption

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Two capsules provide 1000 mg of Cranberry Extract (Cran-Max® 34:1) and 1 billion cells of L. gasseri, B. bifidum, and B. longum for urinary tract health.

SKU KHFM00980938
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