NONG SHIM: Neoguri Stirfry Noodles, 19.33 oz


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Nongshim’s Neoguri made its debut in 1982 and gained popularity for its thick Udon-style noodles and distinct spicy seafood flavor. Many years have passed since then, but Neoguri continues to be made with real seafood ingredients and remains one of the most popular Nongshim products.

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 Up until the release of Neoguri in 1982, Korean ramyun noodles had always been thin. So when Nongshim released Neoguri, customers immediately took notice of its unique thick noodles, which had a more pleasant texture than other noodles on the market. It was also known for its combination of warm spiciness and rich seafood taste. This is because Nongshim uses the best ingredients around, including seaweed collected in waters around Wando in South Jeolla.

SKU KHRM00315494
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