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Complete Multivitamins for Seniors
Contains essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, foods, and herbs in optimal potencies to nourish, protect and address the specific health needs of mature adults throughout the day.* 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth.* Antioxidants CoQ10, lutein, lycopene, selenium, and zinc support immune, heart, eye, skin, and prostate health, help promote cell growth, function, and maintenance, and help regulate metabolism and promote the healing of skin wounds.* 5,000 IU of vitamin A, 120 mg of vitamin C, and 100 IU of vitamin E support skin, eye, and immune health, and metabolism, plus potent vitamin B complex promotes energy and brain health, and stress management.*
Wholesome Food-Based, Easy-to-Digest Formula
Nourishing Vitality Blend of organic spirulina superfood plus concentrated kale, beet, and spinach juices provides added nutrition for natural energy and promotes enhanced absorption and digestion of targeted co-nutrients.* A custom blend of live plant-source enzymes and 90 million CFU probiotics (healthy bacteria) enhances digestion without taxing your system or causing stomach upset.*
Compatible with Many Prescription Medications
Designed for those with common health concerns and SafeGuard™ screened for common contraindications, 50+ Mini-Tab™ Age-Defense Multivitamin is iron-free for most men and postmenopausal women, PABA-free for those taking sulfa medication, vitamin K-free for those on blood-thinning medication, iodine-free for those with thyroid concerns, and contains no copper, which is contraindicated for cancer patients and survivors.
Purity Guarantee: Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Lactose-Free & 100% Natural
50+ Mini-Tab™ is gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, and yeast-free. It is iron-free and 100% natural, containing no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or additives.
Take With or Between Meals
For comprehensive daily nutrition and protection, take 3 mini-tablets daily, with or between meals.
100% Post-Consumer Recycled, 100% Recyclable Eco·Guard® Packaging
Packaged in 100% recycled, 100% recyclable BPA-free Eco·Guard® packaging with a 92% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic.
Product Highlights:
3 mini-tablets per day provide:

1,000 IU of vitamin D3 for calcium absorption, plus 100% of the daily requirement of manganese and added boron for increased bone density and slowed calcium loss
30 mg of CoQ10, 1,000 mcg of lutein, 500 mcg of lycopene, 200 mcg of selenium, and 15 mg of zinc for immune, heart, eye, skin, prostate and testes health, cell growth, function and maintenance, and metabolism
5,000 IU of vitamin A, 120 mg of vitamin C, and 100 IU of vitamin E for skin, eye, and immune health, and metabolism
Potent vitamin B complex for natural energy, brain health, and stress management 1,572 mg of Nourishing Vitality Blend including organic spirulina superfood plus concentrated kale, beet, and spinach juices, for added nutrition, natural energy, and enhanced absorption of co-nutrients
Plant-sourced enzymes and 90 million CFU probiotics (healthy bacteria) for gentle digestion without stomach upset
Gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and yeast-free
SafeGuard® Contains no iron for most men and premenopausal women; no PABA for sulfa medication; no vitamin K for blood-thinning medication; no iodine for thyroid concerns; and no copper for cancer patients and survivors
100% Natural — Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or additives

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

SKU KHFM00773374
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