A&E Cage Company Smakers Cockatiel Nut Treat Sticks


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Cockatiel Nut Treat Sticks contain natural ingredients of the highest quality in carefully selected proportions. These snacks, with their unique tastes and nutritional characteristics, are intended for ornamental birds and parrots. The form Smokers stimulate the natural eating habits of birds in the wild. The snack structure consists of three layers: the base made of millet grain, a nutritious wheat layer, and an individually designed external mixture. The size of the Smokers is matched to the sizes of the various species of birds and their feeding capabilities.

  • Makes Feeding Fun
  • 3 Layers to Encourage Natual Eating & Foraging Habits in the Wild
  • Easily Attaches to Most Cages
  • 80% Handmade
  • Not Baked
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