Always Maxi Pads with Wings, Size 3, Extra Long Super Absorbency, 33 CT



If you’re looking for uncompromised period protection, you’ve come to the right place. Always Maxi Daytime Pads with Wings, Size 3, Extra Long Super, Unscented, 33 Ct feature the Always advanced 3X Protection System to give you up to 100% leak-free comfort throughout your days and nights. Rapid DRY works to wick away gushes fast to absorb more than you may need. The Leak GUARD core locks in leaks for long-lasting protection to keep you fresh and clean, and Securely FITS helps the pad stay in place throughout no matter what you do. Make sure that you are getting the right protection from your pad, using the wrong pad size can lead to leaks.

Always Maxi Pads come in a range of sizes that fit your flow and size perfectly depending on your needs. If you have a light flow or need a teen-sized pad, then we would recommend using our Always Maxi Pad sizes 1 to 3. If you have a heavy flow or want overnight protection, then we recommend using our size 4 or 5 Always Maxi Pad. Whether you have a heavy flow or a light one, Always has you covered. Also, remember that all Always Maxi Pads are FSA & HSA eligible! Check with your FSA or HSA plan provider for information on the coverage of period care products.

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