Andy’s Seasoning-Spicy Chicken Breading10 oz


For Perfectly Seasoned Chicken
Also Excellent on Beef or Pork

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Andy’s Seasoning Spicy Chicken Breading is made with real chicken and is seasoned with a spicy blend of herbs and spices. It’s excellent on the BBQ or as a sandwich filling, but it’s also perfect for dipping your favorite vegetables.

The best thing about Andy’s Seasoning Spicy Chicken Breading is its versatility. It works well with any meat. Whether you’re serving it on its own or putting it on top of an appetizer platter, you can also use Andy’s Seasoning spicy chicken as a sandwich and a dip for chips.

Spicy Chicken is an excellent choice for your favorite fried chicken recipes. It has the perfect blend of spices to create a delicious crust on your chicken that is crispy and flavorful. The seasoning will keep your chicken from drying out as it fries, adding a fantastic taste to any dish you make!

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