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API Kits Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Phosphate Test allows you to quickly and accurately measure the phosphate level and maintain a healthy aquarium or pond. It does 150 tests.

  • High phosphate leads to algae growth.
  • It helps maintain clear and healthy water
  • For fresh and saltwater

Phosphate can enter your aquarium through tap water, fish waste, and decaying organics such as uneaten food or dead algae. As phosphate increases, so do your chance of having unsightly algae and green water blooms. In salt water, phosphate can also inhabit the growth of corals and other reef-building organisms.

The kit contains two dropper bottles for accurate dispensing of test solutions, easy-to-read instructions and color charts, and one non-staining glass test tube with a snap-tight cap.

The range is as follows for freshwater and saltwater: 0.0 PPM, 0.5 PPM, 1.0 PPM, 2.0 PPM, 5.0 PPM, and 10.0 PPM.

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