Aqueon Pure LIve Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes for Aquariums


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Aqueon Pure Live Beneficial Bacteria and Enzymes Supplement. Aqueon Pure is the solution for aquarists who want to bring balance to their aquarium with the convenience of simple dosing and a blend of bacteria plus enzymes that break down excess waste. Pure provides an easy-to-dose nitrifying bacteria supplement to maintain a well-balanced aquarium. The enzymes and bacteria break down excess waste from overfeeding or detritus in the aquarium, which can help reduce filter maintenance. The unique sphere design of Pure provides surfaces for the bacteria and enzymes to reside until conditions are ideal to be utilized efficiently. This “time release” style means Pure cannot overdose, and any excess bacteria will be waiting until needed.

  • Accessible to dose gel ball
  • Cannot be overdosed
  • Contains live beneficial bacteria
  • It helps maintain clear water
  • Safe for all filtered freshwater aquariums
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