BADIA: Ground Annato, 2.75 Oz


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Badia Annatto Ground is used for color and flavor in various dishes, such as rice, vegetables, meat, stews, and fish. Annatto is found in the pulp that covers the seeds of a native Caribbean tree.

  • Badia Annatto Ground 2.75 Oz
  • Brand: Badia
  • Manufacturer: BADIA
  • Ideal to have in your kitchen
  • Perfect size
  • They have been used to color food and cosmetics
  • Commonly known as annatto seed in the States, the correct term for the seeds of an annatto tree is achiote seeds. Native to South America, they have been used to color food and cosmetics. These seeds have a peppermint scent and a slightly peppery taste with a hint of bittern.

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