Blistex Lip Infusions Revive Lip Balm with Ginseng & Chia Seed Extracts


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Blistex Lip Infusions provide outstanding moisturization plus a special twist for your specific needs. The formula is packed with coconut oil, candelilla and beeswax, providing a blend that restores lips? moisture and leaves them soft and smooth.

Blistex Chia Seed Extracts Revive adds ginseng and chia seed extracts to this richly moisturizing blend. Ginseng and chia seeds are packed with anti-oxidants and other beneficial compounds to reenergize and revitalize lips. It?s great lip care you expect from Blistex, with an infusion of added extras for unparalleled benefits and experiences.

  • REINVIGORATING: Energizing formula for lips
  • REVITALIZING: Ginseng and chia see extracts are packed with anti-oxidants
  • MOISTURIZING AND COMFORTING: Formulated with a blend of coconut oil, candelilla, and natural beeswax


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