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Blue Life Green Cyano Rx quickly treats disease-causing cyanobacteria in freshwater aquariums without harming inhabitants or beneficial bacteria when used as directed. This treatment removes cyanobacteria from rock, plants, sand, and gravel without discoloring aquarium water.

  • Quickly treats disease-causing cyanobacteria
  • Effective against bacterial growth on rock, plants, gravel & sand
  • Will not discolor water or harm fish or beneficial bacteria
  • Safe for freshwater aquariums

Before Use: Turn off the skimmer and discontinue using activated carbon and phosphate remover for 72 hours; they may be resumed after 72 hours, but all other chemical filtration should be removed during treatment. Filter socks are recommended to aid in cleaning the aquarium. Do not use it if you have macroalgae or a refugium. Allow 10 to 14 days for results.


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