BOB’S RED MILL: Original Whole Grain Natural Granola, 12 oz


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Bob’s Red Mill Granola Original Whole Grain” No Fat Added” Granola is a scrumptious and easy way to enjoy the goodness of whole grains. A healthful approach to an old family favorite, this granola features whole grain oats, oat flour, and rice flour, sweetened with mixed fruit concentrate (pineapples, pears, peaches), natural vanilla, and pure cane sugar.
Oats help you feel fuller longer, which can help control your weight. Oats are higher in protein and healthy fats and lower in carbohydrates than most other whole grains, and they contain more soluble fiber than any other grain. They also have the best amino acid balance of all cereal grains.
Our delicious Natural “No Fat Added” Granola is perfect for eating as a hot or cold cereal, with yogurt, or straight out of the bag. It makes a great on-the-go snack whether hiking mountain trails or running errands in the city. The crunchy clusters and delicate, lightly-sweet flavor of this granola will keep you reaching for more.

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