CHOICE TEA: Tea Herbal Mint Sage, 16 bg


Cool. Lively. A creative take on a classic blend. This is Mint Sage. Bright & aromatic. Refreshing mint is complemented by earthy, floral notes.

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Choice Mint Sage Tea offers a collection of traditional organic tea, organic herbal tea, and unique, flavorful organic tea blends. Our premium teas are sourced exclusively from organic and non-GMO growers worldwide and are beautifully balanced to perfection for a full-flavored taste experience.

Choice Organics Mint Sage tea is bright and aromatic. Earthy, floral notes complement refreshing mint. This tea is naturally caffeine free. They are crafted from high-quality teas and botanicals – no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Our organic teas are individually packaged in natural fiber, compostable tea bags, and then packed into cartons made from 100% recycled paperboard. Our teas are expertly blended in our LEED-certified tea facility.

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