CHOLULA: Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce, 5 oz


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Cholula Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce, our spiciest hot sauce yet, features a perfect balance of fruity pineapple juice, hot habanero peppers, and our signature spices for an unexpected kick of sweet tropical heat. It will instantly upgrade a margarita and put the wow in your avocado toast. Taste the best life has to offer with Cholula Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce. Our authentic Mexican hot sauce makes a fantastic pineapple condiment for tacos or grilled seafood. A drizzle wakes up scrambled eggs and burgers. It adds a Caribbean vibe to marinades, wing sauce, taco sauce, and salsa. From our distinctive wooden cap to the spicy-sweet hot sauce inside, every bottle of Cholula is a celebration of great food, flavor, and our Mexican roots.

  • Delivers an unexpected kick of sweetness with spicy-hot heat
  • Upgrades margaritas, avocado toast, scrambled eggs, and burgers
  • Adds a Caribbean vibe to marinades, wing sauce, taco sauce, and salsa
  • Product of Mexico

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