CROSSE & BLACKWELL: 100% Non-Pareil Capers, 3.5 oz


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Crosse & Blackwell Non-Pareil Capers lend a tart and salty flavor to appetizers, sauces, and main dishes, from classic veal, pasta, and fish entrées to appetizers like steak tartar. These tiny piquant herb buds originate from the caper bush, grown in areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Our non-pareil (without parallel) capers are the most minor, desirable variety.

The best-dressed pantry is stocked with relishes, condiments, and classic ingredients from Crosse & Blackwell. These little jars have all you need to add vibrant flavor and gourmet flair to the simplest dishes, from garnishing elegant entrées to making traditional English pub-style sandwiches.
  • Bold flavors
  • Premium Texture
  • Makes the simplest dishes gourmet

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