Crosse & Blackwell Major Greys Chutney are boldly flavored condiments combining choice herbs, spices, and luscious tropical fruits and vegetables. Originally derived from Indian cuisine, its name comes from the word “chat,” meaning “to taste.” The name is apropos. One bite, and you’ll develop an insatiable taste for these distinct and deliciously spicy treats.
As the number one chutney seller in the United States, Major Grey’s Chutney is brand royalty among chutneys. Full-bodied and fruity, this signature chutney was created by a British Army officer in the 1800s during the height of the British Empire. Luscious, juicy mangos and hints of tamarind define this tart and engaging chutney.

  • Bold flavors
  • Use as a condiment or in your favorite dish
  • Fruity, full-bodied flavor

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