DESERT ESSENCE Australian Tea Tree Oil, 0.5 oz


• Effectively treats problem skin with regular use

• Deep-cleans pores and helps relieve redness

• Multiple uses including skin and household

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Desert Essence’s 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil is all-natural, Made of the best ingredients found in eastern Australia’s plains, this organic product is among the highest quality.

It is useful as a household cleaning product and even in the treatment of pedicures because it contains antiseptic qualities.

This leaf-derived essential oil from the arid plains of eastern Australia is an abundant source for maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

Its inherent antiseptic qualities make it suitable for everything from skincare, and household cleansing to therapeutic pedicure treatment. For external use only.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil key features:

  • Deep-cleans pores
  • Helps to relieve redness
  • For skin and household uses

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