Dingo Ring-O-O Dry Chews for Dogs Made with Real Chicken, 5 Treats


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Dingo brand?s real meat and rawhide combinations deliver healthy and delicious chews to promote clean teeth (due to the natural action of chewing). These premium rawhide chews are available in a range of irresistibly tasty treats that dogs love. Treat your favorite four-legged friend to the oh-oh-oh so good flavor of Dingo Ringo-o-o rawhide chews made with real chicken. Your dog will love these fun, ring-shaped chews made with the highest-quality ingredients for a delicious treat that?s bursting with flavor. Each ring chew is an irresistible combination of real chicken wrapped with premium rawhide that promotes clean teeth by from the natural action of chewing. Made without fillers or artificial flavors ? treat your dog to a fun chew that?s full of flavor! Contains 5 chews.


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