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Exo Terra Plantation Soil is a 100% natural, biodegradable terrarium substrate made from sustainable, ground coconut husk fiber grown on plantations in tropical Asia. The unique hygroscopic properties of this ecological substrate naturally regulate the terrarium’s humidity and are safe for frogs, salamanders, and other burrowing or digging animals.

  • Ideal for tropical terrarium set-ups
  • Controls air humidity levels naturally
  • Nutritional substrate for tropical plants
  • Heat treated and reduces foul odors
  • Made from a sustainable resource
  • Machine washed three times
  • Safely Composted – Very resistant to mold and decay
  • Promotes the cultivation of healthy waste-reducing organisms

Adequate air humidity levels aid in shedding and help prevent respiratory infections. The Exo Terra Plantation Soil makes an ideal substrate to create natural planted terrarium set-ups for humidity-loving reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Its water retention, natural rooting hormones, and anti-fungal properties promote plant growth in your terrarium. The unique coir pith used for the Exo Terra Plantation Soil consists of a mixture of short fibers and coco-peat grain sizes ranging from coarse granules to fine clumps resulting in improved soil drainage and healthy plant root aeration.

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