Flukers Black Nightlight Incandescent Bulb


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Flukers Nightlight Bulb is an excellent source of the direct radiant heat that cold-blooded reptiles need for proper metabolism. These long-life bulbs last up to 3,500 hours and do not create visible light to support your reptile’s day/night cycle.

Radiant heat is critical for providing reptiles with a healthy habitat. If a reptile is not provided with an appropriate environmental temperature range (ETR), it cannot regulate its core body temperature and may be more prone to chronic infections. Ideal ETR varies from species to species; consult your pet professional for lighting recommendations. Flukers Black Nightlight bulbs emit low levels of supplemental UV radiation to provide the heat reptiles need during the night cycle.

The sun produces three types of light: ultraviolet, visible, and infrared. UV light helps in regulate behavior and stimulates Vitamin D production in reptiles. Visible light is the spectrum that allows humans and animals to see within our environment.

Necessary: NEVER place the light fixture inside the enclosure. Reptiles can develop life-threatening thermal burns from contact with an exposed light bulb.

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