Flukers Sun-Dried Large Red Shrimp Treat


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The protein Flukers Sun-Dried Shrimp Treat is an all-natural treat designed for a wide variety of aquatic turtles, semi-aquatic & terrestrial amphibians, reptiles, and tropical fish. As shrimp are a natural prey item for many of the aforementioned species, the treat will be readily consumed and provides high levels of essential vitamins and minerals to keep your pets happy and healthy. Eliminates the hassle of dealing with live foods!

  • Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, provides a good source of protein and essential amino acids
  • Suitable for aquatic turtles, aquatic frogs, tegus, monitors, and tropical fish.
  • A convenient way to feed reptiles natural prey without the mess and expense of live prey items
  • Can be used in combination with other Fluker freeze-dried insects, prepared diets, and Salad Singles to diversify your pet’s diet
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