Four Paws Pee Pee Puppy Pads – X-Large


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Pet Select pee-pee pet training and puppy pads use 5-layer technology to absorb wetness and help quickly control urine odor quickly. Our quilted top layer drawers liquid into the absorbent core instantly, and our leak-proof liner provides all-day or all-night protection for your floor and can handle multiple wettings.

  • Five-layer technology absorbs liquids quickly for 12-hour day or night protection.
  • Controls urine odor
  • The quilted Top layer draws in wetness
  • Handles multiple wettings
  • Guaranteed leak-proof liner

Dog Pee Pads have a built-in attractant to help Naturally draw puppies to the pads during training and adult dogs with indoor needs. Compared to other brands like Wee Wee pads for dogs.

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