Fritz Mardel Copper Safe for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums


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Fritz Mardel CopperSafe Saltwater and Freshwater Medication is a broad-spectrum aquarium medicine formulated to fight off ick, velvet, and other external parasites. It effectively keeps aquarium water clear of parasites for up to one month.

  • For ick, velvet, and other external parasites
  • Saltwater and freshwater medication
  • Treats water for one month

CopperSafe is safe with UV Sterilizers, Protein Skimmers, Wet/Dry, and Diatomaceous earth filters. After treatment, Fritz Coppersafe can be removed from the aquarium by water changes, freshly activated carbon, or other chemical filtration resins/pads.

Directions: For each size, use 5mL for 4 gallons of water. Treats water for one month. Chelated copper treatment is recommended for treating ick, flukes, anchor worms, velvet, protozoan diseases, and other external parasites.

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