Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener Refills, 4 ct.



When your home can use a burst of freshness, the Glade® Automatic Spray Air Freshener Refill can lighten the air and take away existing odors. The sprays are operated by battery and offer time-released fragrance to keep your home fresh at all times. Glade spray also offers a boost button so you can instantly have a dash of fragrance in whatever room it is needed.

Choose Your Scent for All-Day Fragrance

These refills come in your choice of either Clean Linen or Cashmere Woods scent:

Clean Linen:

Clean Linen smells like freshly laundered linens, giving your space a refreshing and cozy scent. It has a crisp, clean fragrance that combines subtle notes of powder, cotton, and white florals, reminiscent of a fresh breeze and sun-dried laundry.

Cashmere Woods:

Cashmere Woods features a blend of rich, woody notes like sandalwood and amber, combined with soft hints of lush jasmine and sweet vanilla. The overall fragrance creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of being wrapped in a soft cashmere blanket surrounded by a serene forest.

How Do You Operate Automatic Spray Air Freshener?

Using Glade automatic air freshener is easy and quick. If you simply want to keep a room smelling great throughout the day, you don’t have to do anything. After you’ve set up the timer for use with a Glade automatic spray refill, the unit will put out a burst of fragrance at your chosen interval.

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