Halls Defense Assorted Citrus Vitamin C Drops, Value Pack (180 ct.)



HALLS Defense Assorted Citrus Vitamin C Drops keep you ready for whatever comes tomorrow. HALLS Defense Assorted Citrus Dietary Supplement Drops are packed with 150 percent daily value of vitamin C per serving, these vitamin drops are a great immune system support. The assorted citrus flavors make taking your vitamin C supplement a delicious and refreshing experience.

HALLS Defense Vitamin C Supplement Drops are available in the following assorted citrus flavors, Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, and Orange. To use as a dietary supplement, simply take two HALLS vitamin drops daily (one serving), but do not take more than six servings per day, see packaging for details. Each value pack bag contains 180 drops and is resealable to maintain freshness and facilitate portability.

Bulk HALLS Vitamin C dietary supplement drop bags are resealable to keep the dietary supplement drops fresh and effective. The resealable packaging also makes it easy to take with you on the go; toss it into your bag, travel pack, desk drawer or suitcase for convenient access to HALLS Assorted Citrus Vitamin C Supplement drops anywhere and anytime. HALLS Defense Vitamin C Dietary Supplement Drops are individually wrapped in HALLS “Pep Talk” wrappers giving you a little extra motivation for your day.

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