HERB OX: Granulated Beef Bouillon Sodium Free, 1.1 oz


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Try pre-measured HERB-OX® Bouillon Packets for convenient broth and bouillon. The single-serve size is perfect for a lunchtime soup, a single-serving broth, a quick dry rub, or a simple dip seasoning.

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Known all over as every good cook’s secret weapon, HERB-OX Sodium Free Granulated Beef Bouillon powder packs all the flavor of our regular bouillon without as much sodium. It adds an extra zing of savory delight in your next batch of soup or as a dry rub. Hints of roasted herbs and vegetables lend a subtle richness to all kinds of dishes. Simply add this salt-free broth to boiling water to make a broth as strong as you like, or just stir them in as a seasoning with no water at all.

SKU KHRM00004558
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