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Kaytee Silent Spinner is your furry friend’s beautiful, whisper-quiet workout wheel. Patented ball bearing technology makes these wheels super silent while your small pet gets the healthy, stimulating exercise it needs.

  • It provides a quiet workout.
  • Promotes healthy exercise
  • Super silent ball bearing technology

Each Silent Spinner Wheel features a ribbed running surface that provides traction while remaining safe and comfortable for your furry friend’s feet. Attach directly to your pet’s cage, or use the sturdy metal base to stand the wheel on its own! Silent Spinners are ideal for hamsters, mice, gerbils (Mini and Regular), chinchillas, and pet rats (Large).

Note: Ships in assorted colors – let us choose one for you!

Mini: 4.5″ Diameter
Regular: 6.5″ Diameter
Large: 10″ Diameter
Giant: 12″ Diameter

UPC: 045125614152

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