Nail repair solution. Precision brush. No. 1 Dr. recommended brand. New. See a visible differences. Clinically proven. Nail psoriasis. Fungus damaged nails. Starts improving nail appearance in just 1 week. Reduces discoloration. Normalize thickness. Smooths & hydrates nail. If you have discolored, thickened, brittle or crumbling nails, the cause could be nail fungus or nail psoriasis. Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair is clinically proven to improve the appearance of nails damaged by either fungus or psoriasis with visible results starting in just 1 week! Its effective, clear formula penetrates the nail to restore a healthy appearance. After 8 weeks of use, over 90% of both nail fungus and nail psoriasis sufferers see improvement in their nails.

Kerasal Nail Repair patented formula help improve nail appearance by reducing discoloration, smoothing the surface, normalizing thickness and hydrating the nail. Kerasal Psoriasis Nail Repair does not cure or prevent psoriasis or fungal infections. Kerasal helps improve the appearance of nails damaged by psoriasis or nail fungus. Fungal infections of the nail can only be cured by prescription medication. Proven safe. Precision, brush tip applicator. Odorless.

  • See a visible difference
  • For Fingernails or Toenails
  • Nail Psoriasis
  • Gel Manicure Damage
  • Aging Nails
  • Fungus Damaged Nails


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