KNORR: Au Jus Gravy Mix, 0.6 Oz


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Our Beef Au Jus Gravy Mix brings a rich, delicately seasoned flavor to any dish, which serves as the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. This hearty, easy-to-prepare gravy mix perfectly accompanies your favorite meat, poultry, and side dishes. Gravy Mix Knorr is made with no artificial flavors and no added MSG, except those naturally occurring glutamates, which is why it’s always a staple at dinner tables.

We ladle it over buttery mashed potato skins, always for an instantly hearty side. It’s also the secret behind our super-satisfying Beef Bourguignon. We know at Knorr that making a great gravy can take hours. It takes time to roast the meat and collect the drippings before working it into a gravy on the stove. That’s why our chefs make an effort to make sure all four of our Gravy Mixes taste like they took hours to make.

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