KNORR: Mix Gravy Roasted Turkey, 1.2 oz


Knorr Gravy Mix Roasted Turkey (1.2oz) is a traditional gravy, served perfectly over roasted turkey.
Our hearty, easy-to-make gravies come in a variety of delicious flavors that add warmth to any meal.
Makes 1-1/4 cups of gravy
Cooks in 7 minutes
Great for pairing with roasted turkey

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Our Roasted Turkey Gravy Mix is a savory delight that delivers the delicious flavor you love without the trouble of cooking a bird. Our turkey gravy mix makes comfort foods like our Poutine or Turkey Pot Pie easier to whip up than ever. We know at Knorr that making a great gravy or sauce can take hours. It takes time to roast the meat and collect the drippings before working it into a gravy on the stove.

That’s why our chefs make an effort to ensure all four of our country Gravy Mixes, like our Au Jus and Brown Gravy, taste like they took hours to make. Try mixing some turkey drippings into our Roasted Turkey Gravy Mix next Thanksgiving; we’re optimistic your guests won’t be able to tell the difference. Hundreds of recipes are available to help you find dinner inspiration. We at Knorr believe that good food matters, and everyday meals can be just as magical as special occasions.

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