MAHATMA: Red Beans and Long Grain Rice with Seasonings, 8 oz


For many households, rice and beans is a staple ingredient combination. However, it might be challenging to season it just right or to cook both grains and legumes to the perfect texture at the same time. That’s where this blend of Mahatma®’s Red Beans and Seasoned Rice comes into play, the perfect comforting mix without the hassle.

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Many years ago, in parts of Louisiana, Monday was not only wash day, but it also included a lunch of steaming red beans and rice. The beans are slow-cooked all day with smoky ham hocks or sausage along with the Louisiana trinity of onion, celery, and bell pepper. Served with warm cornbread, red beans, and rice often constituted the main meal of the day and quickly became a Southern favorite. The dish goes back well over two centuries. Today, Mahatma simplifies this tradition by combining long grain rice, quick-cooking red beans with a smokey ham flavor, enhanced with garlic, the Louisiana Trinity, and Cajun herbs and spices which create a nice heat level. Just add your favorite sausage for a complete meal. Available in an 8 oz. (227 g) package.

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