MAHATMA: Yellow Rice, 5 oz


Other than making a spectacular side dish, yellow rice can be used as the base for many international-inspired recipes. By adding other ingredients you can take it from simple to extraordinary within minutes. Enjoy these perfectly seasoned, slender, and long grain rice granules, that cook up light and fluffy on their own, or try any of these delicious variations below:

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No matter where you travel around the globe, yellow rice has a place at the table. Its flavor makes it the perfect companion to different meats and vegetables, plus it has an attractive yellow hue that will make any meal shine.
Although it is traditionally made with a base of White Rice or Jasmine Rice and a blend of seasonings, we know how important it is to have some alternatives on hand that will provide those authentic flavors, without the hassle. Mahatma® Yellow Seasoned Rice is just that – the ease and versatility in a flavorful product that is Gluten-Free Certified.

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