Mammoth X-Mat Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid


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The Mammoth X-Mat Extra Foldable Pet Training Aid is a safe, simple, and passive training system that teaches your dog or cat boundaries within the home. Its unique design uses discomfort bumps to create pressure points that condition your pet to stay away from specific areas. Use this flexible mat to protect sofas, beds, counters, tabletops, and more!

  • The versatile, simple, and passive training solution
  • Safe, effective boundary training for dogs and cats
  • Creates pet-free zones on sofas, beds, countertops, chairs, car seats, and more
  • 18″ long x 18″ wide

The X-Mat lets your pets teach themselves, so they stay away even after the X-Mat is removed. It is especially good at training puppies and kittens. This simple training tool is safe, effective, and a great alternative to shock collars, chemical sprays, or harsh obedience methods.

How to Use: It’s simple: place the X-Mat, point side up, on, or around an area you want pets to avoid. The once cushy couch or tempting tabletop becomes a slightly uncomfortable place for paws. Use the X-Mat and take an active role in training your pet to understand its boundaries.

Advisory: Use caution around small children and infants.

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