MANTOVA: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray, 8.5 oz


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Mantova Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an all-natural product with great flavor. This non-stick cooking Spray contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or anti-foaming agents. With our special Spray bottle, The EVOO is protected from oxygen and does not contain aerosol and other unhealthy additives. When you see Mantova brand Spray Oil, you can trust that the ingredients are of the highest quality and there’s nothing else hiding in the bottle. Our Italian olive oil sprays are non-GMO and heart-healthy, with powerful antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids.

USDA Organic
100% Natural Spray
100% Italian
Take Care of Health
No Preservatives • No Additives • No Gas Propellants • No CFCs
New Spray System (Bag with Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Compressed Air)
Triple Action Spray (Spray • Stream • Drip)
Cholesterol Free

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