Member’s Mark Premium Refreshing Clean Scented Baby Wipes, 12 Packs (1152 ct.)



When you need to handle tough messes with a gentle touch, Member’s Mark™ Premium Scented Baby Wipes are the solution to keep on hand. Each large pack of hypoallergenic wipes has enough staying and cleaning power to gently wipe away messes while carefully caressing and nurturing your baby or toddler’s skin. These wipes are made with 99% water and less than 1% essential ingredients to gently clean and care for delicate skin. Plus, you can save up to $70* a year when you stock up on these changing table must-haves.

Textured Wipes with a Refreshing, Clean Scent

Each thick wipe is textured for easy cleanup, no matter when or where you need to use them. The light, refreshing, clean scent was chosen by our members so both you and your child will enjoy it. Each wipe is 3-ply with 2 textured outer layers for soft, efficient cleanup and a third, interior layer that provides extra strength and durability, so they won’t fall apart during use.

One-Touch, Press-Open Lid

The convenient one-touch, press-open lid means you never have to fumble around for wipes, because often, time is of the essence when you need Member’s Mark Premium Scented Baby Wipes the most.

What Are the Three Layers in Member’s Mark Premium Wipes?

Member’s Mark Premium Scented Baby Wipes are 3-ply with the first two layers offering a soft outer layer textured for efficient cleanup. The inner third layer offers extra strength, so there is no concern about tearing. These hypoallergenic baby wipes have been dermatologically tested to ensure the safety of your child. There are no dyes, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, or phenoxyethanol present in the scented wipes. That makes the Member’s Mark Premium Wipes some of the safest baby wipes out there.

Can I flush my Member’s Mark Premium Scented Baby Wipes?

Do not flush! Please dispose of our baby wipes in the trash.

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