NUK Simply Natural with SafeTemp, 5 oz, 3 Pack, Clear Baby Bottles



Now your baby can transition from breast to bottle in a natural way with the NUK® Simply Natural™ Bottles. Designed to mimic the fit, flow, and movement of mom as closely as possible, this is the only bottle with up to nine nipple holes, just like mom. This provides a natural feeding experience to ensure the mom-baby bond remains strong. NUK® Simply Natural™ bottles feature a super soft nipple that mimics the shape mom’s breast takes while breastfeeding. The scoop nipple cavity allows space for the baby’s tongue and jaw to move naturally, just like they do when breastfeeding. Now NUK® Simply Natural™ bottles feature NUK’s SafeTemp technology, which changes colors when the milk is too hot to feed the baby.

  • Multiple nipple holes provide a natural feed, just like mom’s breast
  • Now features NUK’s SafeTemp Indication which changes color when milk is too hot to feed.
  • The nipple comes with 3, 6, or 9 holes, depending on the flow rate
  • 5oz bottle comes with slow flow nipple that has 3 holes, 9oz comes with medium flow nipple that has 6 holes
  • Advanced 1-piece Anti-Colic Air Vent helps reduce colic, gas, and spit up
  • Same shape as the mom’s nursing nipple during breastfeeding
  • Flexible nipple moves with baby for a continuous latch
  • Odor & stain resistant crystal clear Tritan® bottle is BPA Free and is easy to use, assemble & clean

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