Celebrate the season with Winter Mint Chocolate, only available for a limited time each year. This drink was the winner of the American Masters of Taste Gold Medal for SUPERIOR TASTING ready-to-drink protein beverages.

Curb Your Hunger

It includes 30 grams of protein to help curb your hunger. Enjoy it as a mid-day snack or for post-workout recovery. It includes all essential amino acids. The 24 vitamins and minerals in the shake help support a healthy immune system as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle (antioxidants vitamins C and E plus zinc), including 50 percent of the daily value of calcium and 30 percent of the daily value of vitamin D to help maintain healthy bones.

Guilt Free Indulgence

Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with 1 gram of sugar, 160 calories, and low fat. It’s also gluten-free and has no soy ingredients. It’s keto, bariatric-friendly and kosher.

Easy and Ready to Drink

Skip the hassle of protein powder with the convenience of this ready-to-drink protein shake; It’s great on-the-go nourishment that also pairs well with coffee, cereal, a pancake recipe, or in your favorite smoothie.

About Premier Protein

Our mission is to inspire optimism on the way to better health. Every day, you’re on a journey to becoming a happier, healthier you. We’re here to help you stay on course.

Our protein-rich products satisfy your cravings for both nutrition and amazing taste. Every shake, bar, and powder nourishes your body with sustainable, feel-good energy and gives you just what you need you to achieve your health goals.

Join our fans who, like you, are working to become the healthiest version of themselves. Choose Premier Protein.

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