RAPID FIRE: Coffee Pods Smart Brew, 1 ea


Start your morning right with Rapid Fire Smart-Brew. Smart-Brew may help brain function and enhance energy while supporting a balanced diet.

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Rapid fire smart-brew coffee pods offer a full-bodied, phenomenal, all-in-one instant beverage that incorporates the right kinds of nootropics and Alpha GPC content into your day. Smart-brew may help increase energy and focus on keeping you going throughout your daily routine. Thanks to its powerful nootropic blend, rapid-fire smart-brew makes for a great morning supplement. Smart-brew is perfect for anyone.

Whether you must go to work or need to boost your concentration before a workout, smart-brew is conveniently there for you. Rapid fire strives to provide health-minded individuals with nutrient-dense products to impact their daily nutritional levels. Our mission is to create premium, clean and efficacious formulas designed to support well-being and vitality yet affordable to conscious consumers. Rapid fire products are convenient, easy to use, and add nutrition to your daily beverage consumption.

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