RUMFORD: Baking Powder, 4 oz


Consistent results in a double-acting formula with 30% CO2 release at batter temperature.

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Rumford Baking Powder is a balanced, double-acting baking powder with no added aluminum and is Non-GMO project verified. Containing zero trans fat, it has been the first choice of bakers for many years. This 4 oz can feature a pop top and leveling edge for accurate measuring. Known for its dependable results, Rumford’s double-acting formula provides a 60% release of gas in the mixing stage, and the balance of the leavening action occurs during cooking.

  • Double Acting Baking Powder is a great leavening agent used in all types of delicious baked goods recipes
  • Get consistent results with our double-acting formula
  • Project Non-GMO certified
  • 30% less sodium than other baking powders
  • Gluten-free

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