SANTA CRUZ: Organic Apple Sauce Cups 6x4oz Cups, 24 oz


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Available Size(s) 6 – 4 OZ Units
*100% RDI Vitamin C per 4 OZ Serving

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The Santa Cruz Organic® brand has taken applesauce to a new level with its line of organic fruit sauces. The base for all flavors is created by grinding certified USDA organic apples into a smooth, saucy blend. Additions like cinnamon and spices or pureed organic fruits such as apricots and peaches, make for complex and lively flavors.
Each 4-ounce sauce cup provides 100% RDI* of Vitamin C – perfect for kids’ lunch boxes. See for yourself why the Santa Cruz Organic brand has received numerous awards and accolades for these outstanding fruit sauces.
Since the Santa Cruz Organic brand doesn’t add sugar to these sauces, pure enjoyment is all you get.
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