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Seachem Ammonia Alert is an innovative color device for continuously detecting and monitoring free ammonia in aquariums. A sensor changes from yellow to green to blue relative to the ammonia concentration in the water. Seachem Ammonia Alert detects less than 0.05 mg/L (ppm) free ammonia and alerts you before fish show any signs of stress. It lasts over a year, and replacement sensors are available.

  • Easy visual gauge to monitor ammonia in your reef or fish tank
  • Use in saltwater or freshwater aquariums
  • Provides one year of ammonia detection

The unit will assume a yellow or faint yellow-green color without free ammonia. It is usual for the dry sensor to have a greenish hue. A dry sensor may take up to a few days to equilibrate with the water. No sampling of water or test procedures are required. The presence of the free ammonia is detectable continuously, with a response time of about 15 minutes. Response to decreasing ammonia is slower, requiring about 4 hours to register a SAFE reading.

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