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Seachem Flourish Iron Supplement is a highly concentrated iron supplement for aquariums with live plants. Its simple formula is ideal for iron deficiencies and/or situations when iron requirements are more significant than what Seachem Flourish can provide.

  • Iron supplement for the planted aquarium
  • Highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) ferrous iron
  • Contains no phosphate or nitrate

Flourish Iron contains 10,000 mg/L of ferrous iron (Fe+2) gluconate, a highly effective form of iron that provides more significant benefits than ferric state EDTA-iron (Fe+3) sources used in other iron supplements. Plants can only utilize iron in the ferrous state and must expend extra physiological energy to make ferric iron supplements usable. Flourish Iron provides plants with the iron they need directly, saving time and reducing stress on your plants.

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