SUGAR IN THE RAW: Natural Cane Sugar 100 Packets, 16 oz


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Sugar In The Raw turbinado Cane Sugar is made from the first pressing of natural sugarcane. The sugar crystals are never bleached and thus retain their distinctive golden hue and delicious molasses flavor. Sugar In The Raw is the #1 brand of turbinado Cane Sugar on the market and is non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher Certified, vegan certified, and naturally gluten-free.

Sugar In The Raw Natural Cane Sugar is the ideal wholesome sweetener, whether sprinkling on a baked treat or stirring up a cup of coffee. Enjoy the sweet moments with Sugar In The Raw. Sugar In The Raw should be stored in cool and dry conditions. Exposure to high humidity and temperatures may result in caking, but the product is still safe to consume.

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