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Tiptree Preserve Strawberry is a delicious dark crimson luxury jam made from the tiny, rare & intensely sweet Little Scarlet. The tiny berries are usually no larger than a 1p coin (up to 20mm). Wilkin & Sons are believed to be the only commercial growers of this fruit anywhere in the world today, making Little Scarlet Conserve utterly unique to Tiptree. It’s also secret agent James Bond’s favorite preserve.

The Wilkins family has been growing strawberries at Tiptree for around 150 years, so you’d expect them to know a thing or two about the fruit.  Tiptree’s strawberry jam is made with around 56g of fruit per 100g, way above the minimum requirement to call it “extra jam.”  And because Tiptree uses only top-quality traditional varieties of fruit like Cambridge Favourites, the jam has the most beautiful flavor.

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