TWINING TEA: Classics Lady Grey Tea, 20 Tea Bags, 1.41 oz


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Twining Tea Lady Grey,  with the distinctive citrus fruit flavor of bergamot, delivers an uplifting tea with a vibrant aroma and zesty flavors of orange and lemon. This light, mild taste originates from teas grown in the humid, subtropical climates of China and Central Africa, while low-grown teas from India provide their bright amber color.  Orange peel, lemon peel, and other citrus fruit flavors added to Black Tea yield a fresh, uplifting tea that may become one of your new favorites; Steep Black tea for 3-5 minutes in 100°C heated water. 

Take your tea on the go in your purse, workout bag, backpack, school or work desk, or car; Each tea bag is sealed for freshness, so every cup of Twinings is the perfect cup of Twinings. With a signature blend of tradition and innovation, Twinings encourages tea lovers to “Drink In Life” by taking small steps towards feeling good and living well, one sip at a time.

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