VitaKraft Gourmet Jelly Cat Treat with Chicken and Carrot


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Vitakrafts Gourmet Jelly Cat Treats are a mess-free, gelatin snack made with real meat and vegetables. Great for older cats or kitties with dental problems. Small, single-serve squeeze tubes are easy to treat by hand or serve directly in a dish. These high-moisture treats make adding liquid to your cat’s diet a breeze, which is essential to help maintain hydration, something many cats are missing.

  • Serve Up a Delicious Gelatin Treat Made of Real Chicken, Carrots, and Broth
  • Mess-Free Low-Calorie Treat that is Perfect for Older Cats
  • High-Moisture Treat Keeps Your Cat Hydrated and Helps Add Liquid to their Diet
  • Small Single-Serve Squeeze Tubes are an Easy to Portion Treat that is Great for In-Between Meals
  • Free From Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Preservatives, and Added Sugar
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