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Wasa Gluten Free Original Crispbread lets you enjoy the taste and perfect crunch of Wasa crispbread, gluten-free! Made without lactose ingredients and with only 45 calories per serving, Wasa Original Crispbread is Non-GMO Project Verified and perfect for layering on healthy toppings for a bright and satisfying snack.

Wasa Gluten Free Original Crispbread’s signature crunch makes a great addition to your day and is the perfect substitute for bread as an open-faced sandwich. The distinctive crunch of Wasa crispbreads and Wasa Thins flatbreads make them the perfect choice for a wholesome meal or snack. Enjoy the crispy, rough texture with any topping or on its own.

Wasa has been making delicious crispbreads while crafting new products, exploring new flavors, and always looking into our founding values since 1919. Enjoy Wasa crispbread as a great alternative to bread, crackers, and other snacks. With multiple varieties of crispbread, Wasa has a taste for everyone.

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