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WASA Whole Grain crispbread is a wholesome and filling combination of whole grain rye flour, yeast, and salt. Made with 100% whole grain, WASA Whole Grain crispbread provides 13g of whole grains and 3g of fiber (11% of the Daily Value) in every crunchy slice. WASA  Grain Crispbread is made of wholesome, all-natural ingredients and is an excellent addition to your day. The whole grains and fiber in WASA, combined with its signature crunchy texture, can help you feel full and satisfy you. With ten varieties of crispbread, WASA has a taste for everyone and is an excellent substitute for bread or other cracker options.

  • Made with 100 percent whole grain
  • 40 calories per slice and an excellent source of whole grains
  • 13 grams of whole grain per slice
  • Try northern Europe’s favorite cracker with your favorite toppings
  • Non-GMO verified

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